Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Does he make you think of Rawhide?

Occasionally now we see cattle with these real long horns, this time this one was the only one in this cattle lot. Anytime I see them, the old western Rawhide pops into my mind. I wonder if I would like it as much now as I did when young.
Anyway, this is the barn he belonged of the nicer ones we have run across. How would you like to have to put new roofing on it? I totally understand how some don't have the money to keep the barns in repair...but am so thankful to find ones like this that don't seem in too much danger of falling down.
All eyes were on me as I took these pictures...they did not seem menacing but more as if they wondered I had something for them. The house was right on to the right where you can't see it. So they are probably used to being handled. The only thing missing for me was a young calf.

There isn't anything much cuter than a baby animal of any kind...and calves with their big eyes and long lashes are right up there at the top of being beautiful. At home, each cow was named, as well as most calves received their own name. Since we usually milked at least one cow, I can remember carrying a calf to the barn a time or two after it was born, till the cow would have to come in to it.

For a while, we would milk some of the milk and leave the rest for the calf....I was never a milk lover, so don't remember drinking it a lot. But I do remember when I went to school, it being strange to have a box of milk with my lunch. Just tasted different. I can also remember noticing the difference between the taste of evaporated cream or real milk in coffee.

I will leave you with straight-on shot of the barn...I don't think I have ever seen one built just like this one...I don't know what you would call that part that sticks out at the peak of the roof. Have you ever seen one built like this? I don't know if the bottom drops open or not. Believe it or not, I did not notice this part till I downloaded the photos.