Monday, February 22, 2021

Slow to post...

 I am sorry to be so slow to do a post good excuse.  Anyway, here goes.

Someone had a birthday earlier this month...can you tell she likes to have fun by the look on her face?  She never takes herself seriously.  We went over and saw her and the girls on Saturday.  It does me a world of good to see her and our girls and Jeremy.


The photos below of Kitty Soft Paws and Rosie are from Lorelei.

Kitty Soft Paws is such a nice kitty.  And one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I wish she was not in front of the window but still I like the photo.

And here we have Rosie all snuggled in the couch throws.  

And below you see a photo of Copper, taken by his mom of course.

The eyes say it all!

I have now missed two days of sewing 15 minutes.  No real good excuse.  I think both days I had did  errands, etc...and sometimes that just wears me out.  

I hope you all are having a good start to your week.  We have temps in the 40s, the snow is really melting, and there is sunshine!  What more could a person ask for?

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Economy blocks..

 I am not exactly bored with the hexie/Grandmother's flower garden quilt, but I did want to do something different.    I was running into this block every where I looked so I thought I would make a few.  They can be made any size you want, but I am making these 4 1/2 inches unfinished...which means when actually in a quilt, they will be 4 inches across.  I first thought I would use the bits and pieces of orange to make a square big enough for the center.

I am pulling fabric from the many actual scraps that I have accumulated over the years.  Many of them were other people's scraps..

I am for sure not crazy about my fabric combinations...but these are just an experiment.  And usually by the time you have a bunch of color combinations they all start to look better. 

This afternoon, I decided to try NON-orange centers...

I think I like these better.....LOL  

If I follow through with my plans, I am going to make a small quilt with these to hang up on the wall.  Maybe in the sewing room....maybe somewhere else.

Roger is still dizzy.  Our Nurse Practitoner  thinks he has wax in one ear and tried to flush it out.  I had done been trying that and not having any luck at all.  So she was afraid of hurting she is having me take him to our ENT.  We are supposed to go Tuesday...but wouldn't you know that we are supposed to get between 4 and 7 inches of snow by Monday night.  

In the meantime, she sent him for therapy.  To one that can do the adjustment for the crystals in your ears.  You can read about them HERE...much better than I can ever explain it to you.  I have to look it up.  He went for his evaluation Wed...I did not go back with him which was a big mistake cause he could not tell me if they did the adjustment or not.

Friday went back, but the therapist he had this time had not been trained to do the treatment.  However, she is a sharp little therapist...she has finally got him convinced to use a cane even in the house, and it has helped him so much.  I feel like she is going to really help him, and she did not mind that I came back.  I wanted to see what she had him do, till maybe I could follow through with some of it here.

Here's Copper...

He now weighs 57 lbs.
Not sure how you will feel about this video...the part I want you to listen to begins at about the 1 minute and 55 seconds mark

And below is a bit of sweetness...

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Where to start...

 So, I will start with yesterday...I had to go to Walmart and decided to run out to the strip pits to see what was going on.  There were a lot of white fronted geese and and a few swans, and I know I saw a few Canada geese somewhere along the way.

The camera was zoomed in and I was trying to shoot while sitting in the Rav4 simply because it was too muddy to get out of the vehicle.

These first three pics are at the first strip pit, just few hundred feet off the highway.  You can actually get glimpses from the highway if you look.  I would suggest if you want to get a better view, to click to expand the view, and if you want an even bigger view, right click and click to open in a new tab or window.    

The photos below are from one of the bigger strip pits.  The first view is actually what it looks like without zooming in:

And for the photo below, I had driven on west a tiny bit and zoomed in to the far end.  It is probably close to a mile from one end to the other.

I should have tried using my monopod, but for some reason it did not cross my mind.
One of these days I will have this quilt top completely quilted...

It is serving as an experiment in quilting.  I am trying different designs in the quilting...

  I am not great at any of them, but it will serve the purpose..

There are a lot of 'mistakes' but I doubt you will notice them here.  At leas I hope they aren't too glaring.

There a bit of the quilting so far.  More than half the blocks have been quilting, but I have not touched the sashings or the borders.  So still a while to go before I am done.   I should have went down and worked on it today rather than play in my sewing room.  I am continuing with trying to sew at least 15 minutes every far, so good.
Last night we watched a show of the favorite Super Bowl commercials...I would not have given two cents to see most of them but I could watch a whole hour if they were all ones involving the Clydesdales.  The first one, Brotherhood was in 1st place this year--I may have shown it before but I enjoy it every time I see it.


And I just have to show this one, too. 

Monday, February 1, 2021

Copper, and more...

 Copper had his operation(he was neutered) last week...he has to be kept quiet for a couple weeks.  It is kind of hard.  He is excited about the snow.  Add to that, someone across from daughter's back yard built a snowman and that ticked him off.  Which would be funny, but he constantly wants out to go bark at it.

Daughter had his DNA done...look what went into his breeding.

Look!  He is catching up to Delta in height.  I am not sure he will ever put on much weight.

I wish you could seen them....daughter will say something like, 'Delta, Copper, can I ask you a question?'  They run to her and look up at her espectently.  She will ask. 'Do you want a treat?' and they run to the cabinet their treats are kept in.  I don't know if she asks them other things or not.  But it sure is fun to watch.  


I have been managed to stitch some every day of January.  The goal was at least 15 minutes a day of either sewing, or messing in the sewing room.  Only a couple days were just 15 minutes...most were well over an hour, and most of it hand stitching.  I would get more done, but have a hard time seeing at lamp light.  And I have an ott light real close to me.  

Anyway, above are the few flowers I have made since the last time I posted flowers.

When I cut the hexies for the flowers, I do not cut one at a time.  I usually fold the fabric in such a way as to cut 4 to 6...using rotary cutter and rulers.  That leaves little bits of fabric.  Below I have sewn some of them together with no thought as to color.  

Of course, I added to them once I had a hexie pieced.

Notice that they are laying on a ruler...that will give you an idea of the size.

I am not sure what I will do with these, but it is fun to piece them together.  But so time consuming.

I also  pieced some random bits together.  More will be added to all of the above.  

I know this isn't much of a post but it will have to do for now...I hope everyone has a good week ahead.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A little post

  Roger and I each received one of these coffee cups from Lorelei's mom.  She got them from an artist in Little Nashville...which is what we call Nashville, IN.  It is so beautiful....but I do use it.  And every time I use it, it brings me joy.


I received this a few days ago...Copper's chin is resting on my daughter's knee.  He is wanting her to stop reading and pet him.  She said he is as tall as Delta.  But still skinny.  I think he will eventually add some weight but I am not sure.  We found a kitty that had been left out at the strip pits, and he was skinny because he had about starved to death, and remained skinny all his life.

I will leave you with this little video:

Friday, January 22, 2021

This and that....

 Just in case you did not find the car, here it is.

This has started has two blooms open with at least four more to come.  

Someone was talking about hearing from old friends they had not heard from in a long time...and I told her that would make my day.  

What do you know...maybe an hour later, I get a notice that I had an instant message from a FB friend...and she is an old friend I have known at least 40+ years.   so we caught up with each other...she was always one that we could work together in the kitchen, or just whatever.   It is strange how you can be good friends, but totally lose track of each other. 

I don't spend much time on FB...but this is the second friend to contact me in the past week or so. This other friend was worried because she had not seen a post from me in so long.

I have been doing some odds and ends of things this day that have needed doing for a long time.  I am weary this night...I have not sewn a stitch today.  But I will before the night is over.  So far, I have spent time sewing every day of this year.  I will be lucky to make it through the month of January.

This was a magnet that I had not noticed in ages.  It fits.

Cats do their best to train us...and do a pretty good job of it.

And for your entertainment, here is a video I found a bit entertaining.

Monday, January 18, 2021

A bit of a catch-up

 First I give you grandpup Rosie...Lorelei's little dog.  She just loves her family so much.  Sarah was trying to do some work from home one evening, and could not get any peace till she made Rosie a bed close to her in the office/craft area.

And below is Copper trying to snuggle with Delta.

I think if I were Delta I would be losing my patience.  But she seldom does.


Roger is still not normal.  He is definitely better than he was for a bit. But wish he could just feel what is normal for him.  


 Their scent was so strong it smelled up the whole house.  I even wondered was it causing Roger's headache..

I finished this puzzle sometime last week.  It took me forever, but there were days I did not even touch it.  But dark greens are the hardest color for me to work.  

It was one of those with the crazy pieces.  Which normally don't bother me.  But on this puzzle I thought I had lost a piece to the very end.  And we won't mention the time I spent looking and looking for one piece, only to find it UNDER an extra lamp I set on the puzzle for extra light.


Can you find the car?  I did find it with relative ease.  But have been looking for another photo where I had to have Lorelei find what I was looking for.  I cannot remember where I seen it.  But it was Simon's Cat running with a bunch of Dalmatians.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Another week gone...

These are the new 'flowers' since the last picture.

I am growing quite a stack of them.

Life in Pieces hosts 15 Minutes to Stitch....and to be fair, I heard about it through Shasta at the High Road Quilter.   Though I have not officially linked, I have been trying to sew/mess with fabric every day.  And have been successful thus far.  


A somewhat rough week has just passed.  Roger has fallen twice, in the house, in the past week.  Was not really hurt at all either time.  Once he was bending over, and just fell on forward.   It was like in slow motion.  Then last night he was bent over, pulling the tv tray to him and shuffling backwards.  In between those falls he was dizzy for about 3 days...(I was dizzy for a day or two myself, but I felt like I was getting a cold.  Roger never felt sick and the first fall was before he started feeling dizzy and the last fall happened after he was pretty much back to normal)  

BUT, guess what he said last night about a minute after he fell?  I don't remember just how he said it, but it was 'Since I am so light on my feet....'  He was trying to lighten my spirits cause it just about makes me sick when he falls.    

The dr. had increased the dosage on one of his meds, and I read where it could cause dizziness.  So I took him to the dr. to make sure he did not have an ear infection, and he said to go back to the lower dosage.  And soon as I did the dizziness left him


Also have had new shocks put on our car, and being that it all of a sudden started using a lot more gas, I had spark plugs and air filter is not back to normal.  Thank God.  Roger always took care of sparkplugs and filters...the shocks we would have had done.  And our son-in-law offered to do them, but he was working so much overtime at the time I did not want to take away what free time he might happen to get.


I am embarrassed to admit this, but this is the only book I have read...I think since Christmas.  It is the 1977 issue of Foxfire...

My mind has just been all over the place and I could not settle to read...

I will leave you with something sweet:

Monday, January 4, 2021

Lighter notes...

I have been in a giggling mood when thinking about Otto...this is him 'back in the day.'

He is a lot older now and spends a lot of time sleeping.  

I don't know what brought it to mind, but when they lived at Indy when Lorelei was young...we would go visit.  Otto would be so, so happy to see us.  One of the first things he would do is run grab his blanket and come dragging it in to us as fast as he could.  It was as if he was willing to give up his blanket if we would just spend the night with them.  I wish I had a picture of the look on his was just so full of joy.  

Then today Roger and the lost watch episode crossed my mind.  He could even remember it.  I laughed till I cried just thinking about it. I know a couple of you have read this story before but some of you have not.  So Here you go:

Now for some laughter....the following happened just a couple of hours ago...I swear to goodness I am not making this up.

A little background is Roger takes his watch off fairly often and loses it for a short while...usually when he is working out in his shop, or sometimes when he showers.

 So tonight we were sitting here and out the corner of my eye, I saw him looking at his right wrist but I didn't think anything of it.  He looked at me and said, "Well, Rosemary, (Mary is my middle name) I have lost my watch again."   He was totally serious...and he started to get up to go look for it and says, "NO, I didn't it's right here...on my left wrist!"

Oh, how we have laughed...I can still see the look on his face.  He got up and went in the kitchen and yelled at me, Hey I found my feet--they are on the end of my legs...Hey, I bet I could find two new cars out in the garage.....and on and on.

The above is directly from my blog post of March 6, 2015.  A little added info is he has never worn a watch on the right wrist...we have no idea why he looked for it there.


A few more Grandmother's Flower Garden....most of these were made before Christmas, but night before last I made 2 plus finished another that is not shown in this photo.  Added to the ones shown here I am gradually building a pile of them.

I started with laughter so I might as well end with laughter.  Here you go:

Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Copper update...

I just posted this over on my photo blog.  I am posting it here, too, cause some that visit here do not visit there and those there do not visit here.  And some of you are kind enough to visit both.

Every time I look at this one I sure and expand the view till you can see his eyes.  He is continually doing something.  Then just has to crash  for a bit.  

This is an edit his mom did of him from the photo below.

And not to leave Delta out..below is an edited photo of her:

I had to take our Rav in for shocks today...I know they have been needed for at least a month and a half.  Maybe a bit more.  Really needed.  Just had things we were doing that I did not want to take time to get them done.  The appt was at 10:00, but they were a man short.  It was after 1:00 before I got home.  

But let me tell you about this place.  I have left money laying in the car more than once, not a lot.  But still it is always there when I get back in the car.  I did not really plan it...just happened to notice it.  Also, I went in thinking I might need shocks and, they said I only needed shocks.  They could have easily taken advantage of me.

And the funny thing, there has been twice we had an appt....and one of them we were going through the drive thru first, so was out early.  And the other one we were just leaving a little bit early.  But both times we went out and had a tire going real low and have gone to this place, and they have fixed the flat right away.  And we were able to get to the appts on time.  

It really makes me feel good to know they are honest.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all....whether you are a friend in real life, or one of my fellow bloggers. Thank you to all who took the time to leave comments. I really appreciate them...

Christmas was spent with our girls...who can ask for more than getting to spend time with family in the times we live in.

My one and only actual puzzle finish this winter.

What is bad is even with it setting over there to work, I still wanted to work jigsaw puzzles on line.  What is your favorite place to work puzzles on line.  Right now mine is Jigsaw Planet.  The positive thing about it is that I can choose the number of pieces.  The negative thing that dislike about it is I cannot set just a plain white background.  Or a plain background of any kind...they are textured, no matter what color is chosen.  

I have also tried Jigidy and I like it...and there is another I used to use, but cannot remember the name of it.  So, if you have tried a site and really like it, leave a comment.

I took the Christmas tree down the day after Christmas.  Soon as we came home, I unpacked our bags, and started on the tree.  I left out my Christmas stocking...and my nativity set and a little Santa Claus.  I did put up the stocking and the Santa but still have the nativity set out.  I usually leave it out for about a month afterward but not sure I will this year.


I finally got some tatting needles.  I have not played with it since we came home from the girls.  This was a result of the second time playing with it.   I just got the needles a few days before Christmas and played with it every night for a few minutes.  I got a book to teach how, and forgot and left it over there.  I am not sure it would be any help or not...the little bit I have learned how to do so far has been from watching videos.  I like the idea of it because It does not take up much space to take with me.

I have only did one little sewing job since being home...Lorelei had received a hoodie for Christmas.  She does not like the cuffs or the bands around the bottom so she wanted me to take them off.  I did do that in a day or two after getting home, and I used my rotary cutter and ruler to cut the edges even.  Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and hemmed the edges.   I am always a bit anxious when doing something to someone else's clothes.  I always experiment with stitches when sewing anything new, specially knits.  All I had to experiment on was a tiny, tiny scrap from straightening the edges from taking the band off the bottom.  But I sure was glad I had that.

I think/hope we have dodged a bullet.  We were supposed to get snow and ice.  We had a thin coating of ice at 4:30 a.m.  but the rain started later rather than snow.  It is wet, wet, wet...but the ice is gone.  I am thankful for that.  I have to take the Rav4 to get shocks in the morning.  I don't have far to go to take it in...but still I am very cautious about ice and snow.

I just feel like I don't have a thing to say.  But it had been so long since I posted, I thought I should post something.