Sunday, July 25, 2021

Finished at last

Though I am not ready to actually start blogging again, I am going to post this.  I finished it two or three days ago.  I wanted to put it on here, well, just cause I always post quilts I make.

I don't have any place to hang a quilt where I can take a picture of the entire here you see the part that is folded over the clothesline.

Above shows the quilting a bit more.

Friday, May 21, 2021

So long...

 First I just have to share some pics from my daughter.

She just wanted to read a while the other night and these are the looks she got.

This last one is so funny.  He just cannot comprehend her wanting to do anything other than take care of him.

I am taking a blog break.  I don't know for how long...right now I think for a long time but I might surprise myself and be back in a few days.  Just things.  Sort of a shame to do it now.  Come May 30 would be 14 years.  

Monday, May 17, 2021

Meet LIttle Mother....

 I seldom see her....its has been about a month since I last saw her.  Earlier today, I was outside and happened to look over across the street and there she was.  I said something and she set up and looked so I knew it was her.  And she started to come.  I quick came inside to get some nuts.  When I went back out, she was busy on the ground.  I called and first she would just came across the street to the sidewalk...took a few nuts from my hand and then went back.  I came up and sat on the porch and then she looked like she was interested I called her and here she came.  I went and sat on the picnic bench and she hopped up there...even got on the table behind me and would come almost up and smell my hair, but would not take a nut from my hand up there...but did once from the seat part.

Then she got on the ground right in front of me about 10 inches from my feet and sat and ate several...then took off across the street and up the tree.  I am so in hopes I get to see her more often...but I am going to have to watch about the cats cause Bubbie is highly interested.  And Puss would be too, but she don't go out much.  


The clematis has more blooms and still a lot to open...I love having something to watch open up and bloom.  I have not taken pics of all the irises and I should or some are going to be gone.


I have got to add borders to this and then it will be done.  It went together better than I ever dreamed.  But I did pin a lot so the seams/points would meet like they should.  I finished to this point last week.  today I stopped by the quilt shop to pick up a fabric for the inner border.  I already have what I want for the outer border.


Leaving you with a quick little video..

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Old man

 He is getting old....cannot hear a thing.  No one could ever have asked for a better dog with all the kids.  I love him to the moon and back.  Notice, it is a photo by Lorelei.  When she gets up and ready for school and has a moment to wait for the bus, she is surrounded by critters.  I am posting a pic of Kitty Soft Paws over on my other blog late tonight...and here is a photo of Rosie. You can tell she is in Lorelei's lap.


I planted 3 bulbs last year...I did not realize they spread like this.  I planted two bulbs about 20 inches from each other in this area.


I am still working on the current quilt project.  I am sewing the blocks together to form is a lot of pinning, but well worth the effort.  It is going together better than I hoped.  I just hope sewing the rows together goes half as good.


I watched and listened to Ladies in Lavender while working in the kitchen this stars Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.  Who could resist them?  I enjoyed it but felt like it was unfinished.  I still enjoyed it, I just wished there had been more.

I want to apologize for the kitty sure brought the tears to  my eyes.  It was cute enough without lying and saying that the owner was deceased.  It still proves that cats are capable of a lot of love.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Those of you with cats...

 Those of you who have cats, like cats or know anything about cats, have a hanky ready.  This will warm your heart and break your heart at the same time...I don't know why I feel the need to share but I do.  I have not shown to Roger yet even.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

So, what do you think?

 This is the arrangement of blocks my daughter thankful to use her design wall.  

Thursday, May 6, 2021

A blast from the past....well, sort of

 First of all, I am sorry but for some reason the program I normally use on this computer will not let me reduce the size of the pic  to the smaller size I normally use.  I hope they do not slow your computer down too much if you click to view.

I was going through some stuff last week and came across these 'quilt blocks'...or whatever you want to call them.  I did them when I was in high school.  These were all made with actual scraps.  I don't remember where they all came from.  Specially the solid colored fabrics.  I have a vague recollection of the purple flowered on the left in the top photo.

  I think the fabric with the pink fabric was given to mom.    I would love to have more of it now.  IN real life it is gorgeous.

The orange fabric on top was from fabric given my mom...I even know who by but too convoluted to explain.  And see that fabric paired with the purple...on extreme right.  The tan&blue fabric.  I had a dress made of that in 5th or 6th grade.    I would love to have some of that green fabric that is paired with the blue, too.


Copper was pouting here...because Delta had managed to snag the seat next to my daughter!  LOL  He is a character.  I don't know how long he stayed this way.
IF I counted right, I have almost enough blocks for my current quilt project.  I have the last four blocks about half done.  I am looking forward to have them done.  Yesterday I managed to get all my batik fabrics folded and back in containers.  For those of you who don't know, batik fabrics are dyed, not printed.  I cannot tell which is front and which is back.

In case I don't post before next week, I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day.  I will leave you with a short feel-good video:

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Just have to share...

 I watch way more Youtube than I should...but to be truthful.  90% of it is probably about quilting so I don't know why videos like the following pop up.  I saw this and how short it was, and just had to watch.  I hope you enjoy it half as much as I made laugh till I cried.  Just something about the last bit of it made me laugh out loud and make Roger watch it.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

A catch up...

 A bit of progress on my current quilt project

I have so many squares made that they won't all fit on my design wall.  I definitely need a bigger one.  I have been trying to come up with a solution.


Another picture of the moon from earlier this I wish I had the capabilities to capture it as it was.  It had a thin haze over/around it...which shows here as a softened effect.  But it was just so totally awesome to see in real see the glow through the haze around the moon.  Just beautiful.


Saw this guy back a month or two ago and only just downloaded it the other night.  He was a big one...always fun to see them.


I have not been talking about what I am reading, and that is because I have been reading this series has been a few years since I actually read them....I have read the three above, and am currently on The Lord God Made Them All....they are so well written.  There is never a point in any of the books that is boring or that I want to skip through....just excellent from beginning to end.


I have laundry going and am waiting patiently for the Kentucky Derby to begin.  I am hoping they show the stories of the horses and owners and jockeys better than they have the past couple of times.  The last time or two, all they wanted to show was who was there and what they were wearing.  I am not there to see who is there...I want to see the horses and hear about their personalities.  

Leaving you with a clip from the old show Taxi...I thought it was funny but now sure what you will think about it.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Who all had snow?

 I meant to publish this yesterday, or last night at the latest but it did not get done.  On the ground, I think the most snow that was there was half an inch or so because it melted as it fell.  But on our Rav4 there was at least an inch.

I have one iris that has been blooming since before the 17th...and it is still just as pretty today, and there is a second bloom.  The first one will be posted over on my other blog later tonight.  

The other day I had to run to Walmart, and took a detour through the strip pits.
I took a back way there, watching all the while for a hawk or an eagle.  Way across a field, I thought I saw a white head.

I swear he was so far, I was not even sure it was an eagle.  All I could see part of the time was what I thought was a white head.  So I got out and zoomed in and took pics.  These are just a portion of the originals....I am always so happy to see an eagle.

I had to snap a pic of the redbud against that blue sky...they are so beautiful this year.

I have been working in our basement a bit off and on...trying to get rid of some of the clutter.  I have a lot of stuff, then add to that Roger's things.  He has a lot of things used in making fishing lures.  I wish I knew someone that did that kind of stuff but I don't know a soul.  None of his buddies do.  He does not mind if I get rid of it...he knows he will not use it again.

His books on making knives and gun-smithing are even harder to get rid of.  I am going to try to think and see if one of our daughters would want them.  If not, I think we have a nephew that might.  I just cannot seem to remember to ask Sarah.   

I even parted with more books...just six of eight.  But that is that many.  And even got rid of some fabric that had been my mom's...I have kept it for years...but it was not 100% cotton and I will never use it so why leave it for the girls to deal with when something happens to us?  But I really need to buckle down and find homes for some things or just donate them to reduce the amount of stuff in our house.

I came across this little video when I stopped to take a break.  Well, just seen this second video and have to share it or else I will forget.  Neither one is very long

 Here you go...all you grands out there have a kleenex handy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Mostly flowers...

 Just this one image of the dogwood...I won't promise but think it will be the last of this year's dogwood photos.  Though if I had access to a white one, I would share them.  

Aren't violets pretty!  I always leave them be if they grow in a flowerbed.  I cannot bare to pull them up.  Even their leaves are pretty.

The flower of my trillium is not as deep red as normal.  

I continue to work on the one quilt I showed on my design wall a bit back.  I now have too many blocks to fit on the wall.  I also cut enough hexies for three more of the flowers I was making making for the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  I don't need to make a bunch more till I decide how I am going to use them.  There are so many ways to put them together.  Some require more than others.
This post is long enough...I will leave with a touching video...

Thursday, April 15, 2021


 This is rest.  Daughter has sent me pics like this before and I did not think to post them.  He is a character.  

I am still working on my quilt I showed you last time..just a couple blocks a day.   Rather than bore you with it, I  thought I would show you one my daughter is working on:

I think this is going to be just beautiful. 

Then last night I got this photo and caption from Lorelei's mom:

Potting is such sweet sorrow.

I thought of you, Sandra.  I was going to mail it to you, then thought I would share it on my blog.

April has returned to cooler weather here in our part of the world.  It is after 11:00 and only 48° F here.  Actually quite chilly.  I was so happy to be wearing flip-flops again, but I think I might have to put on shoes today.

Our yard has been mown for the first time...I have been weeding some but have a lot more to do.  Maybe I will get to do more later today, but I have got to make a walmart run for catfood, etc.   I am having trouble finding the canned cat food I use for the cats.    So I may end up stopping two or three places.  Roger wants to go, so will look around a bit and give him time to look.

Just a really short little video today....something that will give you joy:

Monday, April 5, 2021


 We were at the girls' this weekend...Lorelei is so funny.    

I wish I had taken a pic of Copper and Delta side by side...Copper is 3 or 4 inches taller I think.  He can just stand and look on the table...does not have to make an effort at all.


It is slowy growing...but here I go again boring you to death with it.

I had such a pleasant surprise...a card and a letter and pics from an old friend.  She had printed pics of her mom and dad and  what would be a niece and nephew of hers and sent them.  Roger sure enjoyed seeing them.    Seemed like it came just when I needed a bit of an uplift.

***********You may not want to read the is a bit of whining.  Just needing to talk this out a bit.  

I went to the dermatologist last week.  I have had a spot that becomes a little open sore for the past two or three years.  The results came back as basal cell cancer again.  Which is better than melanoma.  What is funny, is she never did get it numb to cauterize it.  I did not say anything after the second time cause it only took a second or two. It is NOT as big as a dime...maybe close to half that size. She smoothed it out she said...and it really does not look like anything.  But the next day, even my nose hurt where my glasses set.  The cancer is below the OUTSIDE corner of my eye.

When I took my glasses off and felt of my nose, it felt like it had been punched...was really sore for a couple days and then just stopped hurting.

This one has bothered me more than any of them since the first one.  It bled a bit once when I was cleaning it...i have not had one bleed after removal till this one.  I always remember with my father-in-law that that was not good...but it does seem to be healing.

I really don't know if there is any use of me staying out of the sun...but every time I am out doing something, I am wondering if I am causing more.  Part of me feels like now that I have had it, I will just keep getting it.  

Well, friends if you are still reading...I hope you have a great week ahead.  We get our second shot on Thursday.   

Friday, April 2, 2021

Current project....

 This is my current will show the fabric truer if you click to expand the view.  Maybe even right click and click to open in a new tab or window.  If I  had the nerve to try it it could be done better than this but I would have to have each fabric mapped out and right now I just do not have the brain power.  Or I could have used the same light fabric through out...but I like scrap fabrics...and I have fabric to use, so I guess this is the way I am going to do it.

I ran across a couple videos...the first is cute and will make you smile: 

And this second one is a bit longer but it leaves me with tears of joy when I watch it.  Have I told you that I cry for joy sure and read the explanation below the video in the description.

I am sorry to be so long between posts.  I hope everyone has a good weekend.  

Thursday, March 25, 2021


At long last I can say it is done...except I will wash it before it is used.

 Notice I am not showing real close-ups of the quilting.

The quilting was an experiment I won't do again any time soon.

Each diagonal row of  blocks is quilted in a different design.  The sashing has its own quilting, and the border has meandering.   The quilting was challenging enough just because of the size.  It is approx 84 inches wide and 94 inches long.  

Stitching the binding down is usually one of my favorite parts of quilting, but this was a challenge.  The thread wanted to tangle and knot up time after time.  Even with using beeswax.  And if I was not careful, there would be a knot I did not catch...I had to take out several stitches two different times because I missed one.  I honestly don't know if anyone else would have even noticed...but I knew, so I took them out.  I don't know that I have ever had to take out stitches on my binding...

Anyway, I am so glad it is done...I still need to wash it.  

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Photo overload...

 I give you fair warning this will have several photos...

They were so far away I thought at first they were swans.  All most all were sleeping as I walked down closer...

As I got neared the bank opposite then, they gradually woke up.  Even thought I was still a good distance away.

The spring of the year is the one time I have the chance to see White Pelicans in the middle of Indiana.  These were down in the Goose Pond area...not far out of Linton.

 I was so glad to get to see them.  There were another group of them way farther on.  And we did not make it to another pond that we see them on.


On top of them, I heard Sand Hill Cranes yesterday here at home, but they were so high up, they looked like a thin cloud till they turned at an angle.  I came in to get the camera but by the time I was back out in just a few seconds, I did not hear them, nor could I spot them.


It is not every day that the following happens..

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Causing trouble...

 So, I took Roger to the Physicians Assistant at the ENT's office to check his ear and remove any wax.  I was not allowed to go back with him, but I told the nurse what he was there for.  He was back there just a few minutes, and out he came.  See that little bitty dome shaped piece.  That was what was in his ear.  I hate to think how long it has been there.

In real life it is  a  bit bigger than a B-B....for those of you have not ever had a B-B gun, B-Bs are not even a quarter inch across.  Anyway this piece is called the dome.  They fit back in his ear and are out of sight when in use.  I can only remember him losing one that we did not find.  My memory is not the best and I hope I have forgotten one.  But thatthe one I remember was over a year ago.  

Anyway, Roger said, "I can hear so much better!"

This is a pic Lorelei sent me one morning...I am not sure whose lap Rosie is on.  She is sure a loving little dog.

Then my other daughter sent me this pic, along with others of Delta and Copper.  Look how tall and how skinny Copper is.  He is all energy.  

I have a little feel good story for you.  My windshield wiper messed up a while back...kind of like it was sticking.  Just a bit more than how they do when the window is not good and wet.  Then it seemed to work just fine and I thought well, that was it.

Earlier this week, I had to run to Terre Haute to get the serum for Roger's allergy shots.  On the way there, it really went all goofy.  It was raining...and I almost turned around and came home.  But the sky was beginning to lighten up like the rain was about at an end so I went on, picked it up and came home.  We brought it home cause it has to be refrigerated.  I brought it in to stick in the fridge, and when I went back out, Roger was standing there with the whole wiper blade in his hand.  Not just the rubber insert...he said when he raised the arm, it just fell off.

So off to Napa we went...he went in with me, and told the guy we wanted both wiper blades...he took the old one in.  I had to go to because it is times like when the Napa guy asked what kind of vehicle we had, Roger cannot answer.  So I told him...

I went in there hoping someone would come out and put them on, but I was not going to ask.  We are so short that it is not just an easy job.  Sure enough, he went back and got them and said, let me put them on for you!  He was tall enough till he could reach and do both wipers from one side.   Of course we told him thank you, and that we appreciated it.  And went back in to pay, and he told me they were on sale...I honestly wondered if he was just giving us a sale price because of our age.  

Anyway.  People just do not realize how much little touches of kindness can mean.  If that had been me putting the wipers on, I would have had to get something to stand on, or what I normally do is open the door and stand there on the floor board...for lack of a better word.

Friday, March 12, 2021


 Today has been a day...I had to get away for a few minutes...I will explain in a bit.  I needed to run to Walmart, so before we went there, we did a drive through of the strip pit area.  I was hoping to see some wildlife... all we saw were a few birds.  I was thankful to see them, but I don't think I will ever get used to the lack of life that is there now.  

This girl, I think it is a female Ring Necked Duck...kept diving and diving.  Every time I was about ready to take a photo she would disappear.  Edited to add Ginny thinks the one above is Pied billed grebe...I feel pretty sure she is correct.   

This is the male Ring Necked least I am pretty sure that is it is.  If you know different, please feel free to correct me.  Both photos are cropped.   This male was a good distance away.

This dove was just right beside our vehicle....

We are seeing a lot of the American Robins any where we go....I thought this one had a redder than usual breast.  


Okay, will tell you about the day.  I knew I had to run to Walmart, but figured I could do that and be done and have time left to do either things I needed to do, or to sew.  To being the day, the cat got me up way earlier than I normally get up.  That should have given me a clue to the day.

Roger was up, but kept staying in the bedroom.  I had no idea what he was doing.  I went ahead and got my war paint on...and I don't mean make-up.  I mean a medication and sunscreen.  He still wasn't out.  I thought to give him a couple more minutes and then go see if something was wrong.  Here he came....he had lost a hearing aid!  

So, I went in there and looked and looked.  I looked under everything, I tore the covers back and looked in the bed...I looked behind the bed...I looked in shoes...I even took stuff out of two drawers.  Remember the two drawers part.

He said he had had them when he went to bed...but his memory after the stroke is not always the best.  Though I do think he would have noticed if he had not had both hearing aids on.  I went and seen if he had left one by the stationary bike.  I called the restaurant we stopped at yesterday to see if it had been turned in to the lost and found.

During this he had me stop and run him through the McDonald's drive-thru...

He got done with breakfast, and was kind of wanting me to start looking more.  I had been looking most of the time he was eating.

I told him I had to go to Walmart...he wanted to go.  So we went, but I grabbed my camera.  Going through the strip pits takes my mind off everything.  It is one place I can usually go and just forget everything.

Came home and he wanted to start on the hearing aid again.  I got him to go on and ride the bike, and I went in to the bedroom.  I thought I would start on the drawers again.  I went to the third drawer...I had opened it earlier but it looked so neat, I had only lifted one t-shirt and thought there was no need to go farther.  This time I went to the bottom of the drawer and there it was!  Laying there in the corner of the drawer!  I was so relieved to find it.

That all took up a huge portion of my time here at home...I have not accomplished much of anything at all this day.  Did not even do my normal Friday chores.  I haven't sewn a stitch, but the night is not over.