Thursday, July 23, 2020


First, thought I would show this tree from the edge of the swamp area.  Always in previous years, I thought they were changing early due to lack of rain.  Not so this year.  We have had rain all along.  Then yesterday, on the way to the super walmart, I noticed sumac just as red as could be!  So, fall is thinking about heading our way.  And to be outside at dark, sounds like fall is already here.


I wish I had a decent place to photograph quilts but I just don't.  This quilt top is on a queen sized bed.  It has a block that hangs over each edge, except the head of the bed.  I suppose I need to add a border, but first I am going to see what batting I have and also thinking about what I have got to use as a backing.  I have fabric in mind for the backing and if I have to go no borders to use it, that is what I will do.

Not a lot going on other than this...I am still waiting on a tomato to ripen.  I have had one of the newer, smaller tomatoes rot on the vine.

Hope everyone is having a good week.