Saturday, March 19, 2016

A bit of this and that...

This blog post may jump around a bit...but will start out with this shot of how far along my lilac is!  Even though I have looked out at it and noticed it was budding out, it surprised me that it is actually this far along.
It is this late in the spring, and I have still not cleaned off my flower is the same bed that Mabel lived in all summer.
This is Mabel.  I don't think I told you that this was her name...she is Charlotte's cousin.  Instead of staying on the farm she ran off with a traveling salesman and moved to the city.  At least that is part of the tale that I told Lorelei.

Anyway, somewhere I read that the spiders might survive the winter if it was mild, so I have hesitated to clean off the mess.  But I doubt she survive, but I sure hope some of her offspring are out there this year.
Around front I do have a very few hyacinths that have bloomed...
The clouds were awesome the same day I took the other pictures.  Notice the Turkey Vulture in the upper right corner.  They are always least some of every day.
Just have to show this pic of the house was in a tree across the road.  I am still amazed that my little Canon SX 700 HS will take a picture even half this good...handheld.  I have issues with it sometimes, but still, I have got a lot of bang for the buck in this little camera.

That is all from my corner...Lorelei is sitting here with me