Friday, December 18, 2015

For a chuckle...

a bit of randomness

1.  It is hard to see in the photo above, but these are red damselflies.  The frist time I have ever seen them.

2.  Not a very good picture, but can you imagine walking around in that coat in early fall?  Also, can you imagine how much work has to be done before it can be spun into yarn?

3.  This was at a shot pin Shipshewana...I like it but have no place for it.  It was quite big.

4.  We passed this courthouse, but I don't recall just where it was out.  I think it is beautiful.

5.  This place is in Attica, Indiana...I have posted pics of it before, here, here, and here....for some reason at that time I wondered if it was still being used as a church.  At least we know it has been a church at some point, and a beautiful one at that.