Sunday, June 22, 2008

Which do you like best?

The first picture is taken with a cokin filter...I do not remember which one. I wanted to try it out because as you can see in the second photo the sky was on the colorless side. I am not even sure which one I like best. The third picture is taken from the other side of the creek, I think.
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This is the Narrows Covered Bridge, one of many in Parke Country, Indiana. It was built in 1882 by J. A. Britton and is 120 feet in length. Britton is interesting to read about...he read law had been admitted to the Kansas and Indiana bars, but that occupation did not satisfy him. Bridge building did. I suggest you follow the link--it is a short read and I cannot say it better.
The bridges were made of locally available timber, such as oak or tulip poplar. And part might be laid out in a nearby field and constructed first.

Did you see the cat??