Friday, April 10, 2020


My daughter was out for her run and stopped to get a rock out of her shoe and found the first one...she did not look much but fount these!    They are morel mushrooms.   In Tennessee where I am from, they call them hickory chickens...but whatever you call them, I call them delicious.

After much time spent trying to decide how to quilt this:

I finally settled on this.   A leafy vine winding around all over the quilt.   Deciding how to quilt a quilt is always my hardest decision.   I had a couple other things I would have liked to try but since I have not been quilting very much, I was afraid to attempt them.  Then once I started this, I felt it was perfect anyway.  My quilting is still not perfect, but once it is washed, the mistakes won't be noticed too much.

I would say in less that two hours work, I will have the quilting finished, but I have not made the binding yet. 

That is it for now...hope you are staying safe.