Saturday, February 6, 2016

A 4 Eagle day!

We headed to Terre Haute this morn...the first eagle we saw I did not get a pic we were on the highway and I did not see him till too late.  He was sitting in a tree watching the river.  When the river is crossed, it is not far till you are in Terre Haute.  We had only gone 3 or 4 blocks when I spotted this one flying...soon as we came to a parking lot that he could pull into Roger pulled in.
these are not very good...I was busy trying to capture this one and Roger says hey, there's another one...
And there was this one.  Both juveniles, and I think definitely a year or more apart in age.  The first one's head had quite a bit of white....

So, we went on and did our bit of shopping, and drove around some parts of Terre Haute I had never been in.  When we headed home we went a different route...I almost told Roger to go back to the way we came but then thought no, we have seen eagles this way, too.  And before we got out of North Terre Haute, I spotted the one below.
Nothing better than seeing eagles!