Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Places like this

Places like this call to me...I want to explore along the banks, I want to fish in the stream.  I want to turn over rocks and look for crawdads...basically, I want to be a kid again.  I can't remember where this was taken...I wondered if I took it after a recent rain.  I went and looked at photos taken the same day and other photos show another creek that is really dried up.
I have not done two cents worth of anything today.  It is funny, one day I will accomplish a lot and the next day I don't earn my salt.

I did finally go down and sew on 'the quilt.'  I have not sewn on it since I ran out of fabrics, even though I have gotten new ones.  Seems like any time I get stopped on a project, it is hard to pick it up and start again.  But oh, it feels so good to have started again.  It won't be long until until I have to pause and do some more cutting, but at least I have fabrics to cut.