Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's a bird party....

Every time I see a bunch of birds gathered somewhere...I think of one of Lorelei's little friends.  'M' and her mom were out and saw a whole bunch of birds, and something was said about them, and her mom asked her wonder what they were doing or some question like that.  'M' said, 'Oh, its a bird party.'  Now I never see a gathering of birds without I think of her.  (I used to always think of Norman Rockwell's Gossips, but now that is second to 'bird party.)
These shots were hurry up shots while I waited for a light to turn green.
Almost any time we pass this particular corner, there is a gathering of birds there.  I so would love to know why they gather like that.

Edited to add:  have you noticed how they are all facing the same way?

Roger got labwork done today...had to get it done before he could have his scan with dye on Monday.

This evening he washed our Rav4's windows, which he has done before.  He followed that with cooking a pork roast on the grill and it was simply delicious.....it is the first real cooking he has done.  He has not lost the touch.