Monday, February 29, 2016

An eagle day for sure!!!!

We decided to go to the Heron Viewing Station north of Danville, Illinois...due to a stop we made, we didn't get there till around 2:00 in the afternoon.  And one of the first things we spotted were two eagles.  By the time I ran back to the car to get my DSLR, there were 3!  But I had missed seeing two of them fighting...

 If you will right click on this photo, and then click to view in a new tab or a new window, it should give you a version big enough till you can clearly see that this is THREE bald eagles.  It is the only shot I got of the three of them.

I did manage to capture two of the adults a few times..

Here again you have the option of right clicking on these to view in another tab or new window...a bigger version will appear if you do it that way I think.

Besides the 3 adult Bald Eagles, there were two juvenile, plus two or three hawks!