Monday, November 18, 2019

What's happening....

I got the binding sewn on my daughter's quilt...just the first round by machine, and have started the hand stitching part.  Normally I can whip through a full or queen in about 3 days, but have not touched this today.  And last night when I started it was no walk in the park.  the thread wanted to tangle, even after using beeswax on it.  It knotted up at every little stitch, and I even had to break it once, and take out stitches enough to thread the needle till I could finish off that bit of sewing till it would not come undone.

I got this fabric panel in the hopes it will inspire a baby quilt...  The way things are going, it is questionable whether I will get anything done any time soon.  but isn't it cute?

I have been doing things in baby steps it seems.   Cannot seem to totally finish anything.  I got boxes broken down again...still have a few but they would not fit into the box I was using.   I  order some of the pet supplies from Chewy because it saves Roger and I from handling some of the heavier items so many times.   Then there are things we order from Amazon on a regular we always have quite a few boxes at the end of 4 or 5 months.

I have had to let the leaves go but today got a few more raked up.  Roger kept coming to check on is too hard on him to try to help, but he feels guilty if he don't.  So all I did was 4 big bags.   The leaves were still damp from the snow, and still some snow on the ground out behind the garage because it doesn't get much sun.   We saw ice still on a couple roads today.  I could not believe there was any left any where.

Roger went to bed with a headache...any time he has one it still scares me so bad.  Specially right at first.  I can usually talk to myself and remember that this is to be expected...but it takes a while to settle down and not be on edge.  Lately he stumbles so easily.  I cannot tell you how many times I have thought sure he was going to fall.  Oh, it may not be every day,  but it probably is every other day.  Besides the fall in the bedroom two or three weeks ago, I think he has only fallen twice...and one of those he fell back on the bed.  So in ways not a fall, but if the bed had not been there, he would have been on the floor.

It is night, Bubbie always has to go over to him in his chair but he always comes back to me.  When he was young, Bubbie was all Roger's and our daughter's....I was only needed when he was hungry.  But boy has he changed to a mama's boy.

I guess I will hush for this night....I hope you all have a good week ahead...