Monday, February 16, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

For Ruby Tuesday, I thought I would include a couple entries. Why two? Well, I wanted to show something I had not shown before. That is this hibiscus bloom. It is from a scan, taken in 1996. It was in my mom's yard...she had passed away in February of that year, so this was taken later in the summer.
Then in looking for something for Ruby Tuesday I ran across this barn...I have published it before but not for Ruby Tuesday. It is just sooooo red that I cannot resist showing it again. This is the actual color of the is so bright it almost knocks your eyes out.
Some might say that it stands out like a sore thumb, but personally I like it. A lot. It is seen if I take a certain route to or from the strip pits. And no I didn't get to go out there today.

I got busy doing laundry, taping off where Roger was painting in what will be Lorelei's room, and the time just flew today. Just think....Lorelei is one week old today! It is hard to believe she has been here a week already.

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