Thursday, April 14, 2011

A record of our days....

I have been sitting tonight weeding through email...I am not one that deletes something soon as I read it...I keep it...if it is personal...not saying how long I keep it, but I keep it a while. I don't know why....I very seldom go back and read it...but sometimes if I want to know when something happened, I can do a word search of my email and have the answer. Cause I share most of the happenings in our life with my best buddies.

I have a couple friends that I grew up with...that we email back and forth. One more than the other most of the time...but still the one that is more like once a week still knows what is going on. I would be lost without email now. Before email, there was snail mail.
I didn't save a lot of snail mail....but above you see a collection of letters from my younger days. Before our first child was born, even. I was not quite 25 at the time I received most of the letters above.

I have been thinking about getting them out and reading them for a while now, so tonight while going through emails and re-reading them, I thought about these old letters and thought it a good time to drag them out. I only read a snitch here and there while I was taking these pictures, but oh, were we ever young then! Now keep in mind that this best friend also became my sister-in-law.

In one of the paragraphs I read, my niece who was not a year old, had had them up most of the night, and at 5:30 was yelling Mommy! Bottle! Daddy! that was how their day began. When I start to read them in earnest, I am thinking I will laugh and I will cry...I will probably need kleenexes...there will be more memories than my heart can hold.