Tuesday, March 29, 2011

At long last!!!

At long last I got a few shots of some swans that I am proud to say I took....oh, they could probably be better but they sure beat anything I have taken to this date.
This pair of Mute Swans have been on this strip pit the past few times I have been out there. This pond is maybe a quarter mile from the highway...and they are the first thing I see usually that really captures my attention.
I feel like a broken record...but been going through more sickness. Roger went from the rash, to a really, really bad flu/cold cruddy thing. Then about the time he was starting to feel a tiny bit better, the rash he had before that started returning...so it was back to the doctor today for more steroids....we cannot think of anything new he has come in contact with or anything new he has been eating to cause it. It has not gotten near as bad this time...but then it had not had as much time. But he was miserable anyway...so hopefully this time around will be the end of it. And maybe I will get back in the swing of blogging.

I have things scheduled for my Time Stand Still blog, but I use this one part of the time just to chronicle what is currently happening, so I usually do it 'fresh'.....