Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another from Oakland...

This is some kind of business....it is 'in town'....I just thought and looked up the population.  According to what I found, one place says 881 in 2011 and another says 933.  The quilt block on the left is Corn & Beans I believe...not sure about the other.  If that center square was not set on the diagonal, it would be what I have heard called Fox & Geese or Duck & Ducklings.  Anyone else know a name for this, feel free to comment.  Because it probably does have another name...seems like a lot of quilt squares have different names according to the region you are from.

We stopped at this little bitty diner there in Oakland.  It was a place where everyone sat and talked to each other.  We paid $1 for fried zucchine...it was a plate piled high.  I forget what else we got to eat other than that, but the single plate was all we both wanted to eat.  We often talk about them...they were some of the best we had ever had.