Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Swampland, sky, and a question...

Monday, before heading to the Heron Viewing Station, we swung by this swamp area that we found a few years ago...We did not see one single turtle, or blue heron, or duck....but there were a ga-zillion dragon flies...
Almost all were this is cropped...mainly just to make it square...we fooled around here and as we were getting ready to leave Roger told me to look....
It was such a glorious day, even if it was hot and muggy.
Now to the question, did anyone else have problems with youtube today?  Not only did I have trouble with you tube, my gmail account has acted up.

With youtube, if I looked up something, then clicked for google to list the videos, I could click on a video and it would play.  But if I went to Youtube and looked up something, maybe the commercial part would play, but the video I went to see would not load, no matter how long I waited.  This happened even with my chromebook, so don't think it was my computer.  However, I cleared the browsing history and cache and it seems to be working better.  I am almost afraid to say that, though, cause I thought I had solved it a time or two throughout the day only to be wrong.

As for Gmail, I have been able to get my email, but different things about gmail would not load.  I could not check the little boxes to delete an email, the delete button did not show up half the time.  Just so many little things.  It has been a very frustrating day...I think I visited two blogs this morn, and had trouble with both of them.  Restarting my computer, I was able to see them, but then same old thing.

I have just now visited a couple and going to post this while the posting is good.