Saturday, September 7, 2019

A bit of playing

Just a little something to puzzle your mind...

How about this....


Or this.

I must say I feel somewhat like the Mad Snapper....

Lorelei was here and said,  "Hey Mamaw!  Look!"  And our Mad Snapper moments began...this is just a few of the many pics we took,

These last two had her own special touch...

Okay, did you guess what Lorelei had me look at?  It the mirror I had laying there reflecting on the ceiling..  Lorelei immediately started laying things on it to see what would show up.

The very first one was her hair brush, the second one is one of my pincushions.

The 3rd and 4th are  T-pins.  Did you notice that the second one spells 'Hi?"

The last two is her glasses plus her making shadows with her hands.

I want to add that this is the reflection from the magnifying side of the mirror.  the regular side just made a little bit reflection.

During this, I found out the mirror is cracked...I have no idea how long that has been.

The guys have been here replacing panels on our awnings that were damaged during the storm  back in May.  I assume they are done...or think they are done.  But I have been so stressed out with it...I don't even know how to explain what all is stressing about it. I took photos and sent to our claims adjuster.   He said he would reach out to the guy that is in charge of getting the repairs done. 

This morn that man called and said that he would try to come out Monday or Tuesday and check about this. 

Yesterday evening after they had gone home the wind must have kicked up a  little bit, because the one out back made so much noise I thought they were out there working it.  We got the ladder out this morn and I looked...and one piece is put on 'wrong.'   It is hard to side has a lip that is curled up, and the other side has a lip that is curled down.  The last two do not hook together.

Will hush...I hope everyone is having a nice weekend..