Monday, September 2, 2019

a bit of this and that....

Well, Lorelei spent Friday night with us, and was going to spend Saturday night but ended up with her asthma bothering her so she ended up going home.  I tell you, it is the most lonesome feeling in the world when she goes home....and was doubly so this time cause both daughters and son-in-law had been here.  It seems like we are seldom all together any more except at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to a nearby town to eat....

this isthe sky as we returned home.  I just LOVE days like this!  Nothing like a blue, blue sky with white puffy clouds.
Today we went to Rockville...I went up there on the highway but returned via backroads.    We used to travel these backroads fairly often, but not so much any more.

We turned on this one road, that is actually the last road before we have to get on the highway again and there were these two.  They were not very scared.  There is a house  just out of view.  I told Roger, I bet they are being fed.  They are too used to people....They did hardly moved till we got right across from them and even then they just ambled off into the woods.  We pulled forward and what did we see?

This!  That is the carport they are eating on.

The second one was looking off towards the other two we had just passed. Sorry about the quality...still you can see the second deer. 

I have not accomplished a lot today, but did clean out one had not been that long since I was in it so it was not bad.  But I did make the decision to put a pan and waffle iron in the donate bag.  I had not used the pan in a year or so, and it had been years since that waffle iron was used.  Maybe someone else will get some use out of it.

I also got in my fabric and 'think' I have figured out what I want to work on.  At least part of the time. It is handwork.  It has been a long time since I did any, but I used to love to sit and work on something at night while I listened and half watched something on TV.

It has not seemed like a holiday today for us since we saw the kids Friday and Saturday....but that is okay. 

I hope you have had a good weekend...and that the coming week is good to you.