Friday, January 13, 2017

The word 'normal' speaks volumes

For a while this afternoon, from my point of view, things felt normal.  Normal is a big word now...there are times I don't think there is ever going to be even a new normal.  So many nights I get what I call the 'fearfuls.'  I don't know if I will ever take normal for granted...I learned just how easily and quickly life can take a turn.  And I get afraid of when it will happen again.  Cause even though Roger was not taken from me this time, I know that sooner or later, one of us will more than likely have to live without the other.

But for that while this afternoon, you would never have known the upheaval we have had.  We were both in the basement.  I had laundry going, and spent at least a couple hours with my one of my sewing machines and quilting.  And Roger was working on things in his area.  I am not sure what all he was doing, but I heard tools.  And he was content. 

He did say he would have to stop and think to remember how to do things.  And he still had trouble telling me things when he needed to name things.  Even with that, he felt more normal than he has in a long while.  Then, after we came up from down there, he grilled some pork steak...just so normal.

Through all this, he has not lost his sense of humor.  Sometimes it is a case of we either laugh or we cry, but a lot of times it is just his quick wit.  The other night we were watching Family Feud.  One of the questions that was ask of a hundred men, 'what is a word that you could use to describe a peach that you would also used to describe a woman.'

One of the answers given by the hundred men was'fuzzy.'  And the family guessed it...when it was actually one of the answers, Roger says, 'Well, who would say that...nobody would say that.' 

Then he started laughing and said, 'I guess they do, remember your brother used to say Why, Hell-o Fuzzy!  And he did...he was not actually calling someone Fuzzy was sort of a light way of swearing...If he was looking for something and finally found it, he might say 'WHy, Hell-o Fuzzy!  Here it is'  or if he and Roger were working or discussing how to do something, it might be, 'well, Hell-o fuzzy, that won't work!'  It was not was Hell-o. 

This is probably not funny to anyone else...I have ask both my other brothers if they remember this and neither of them do...but Roger and I sure do.