Tuesday, November 11, 2008


These are some pictures that for one reason or another I had meant to post before now, but just didn't get it done. This first is not such a great picture; it is a drive-by shot...you can see the dirty windshield in it. And I feel like it is just a tad bit blurred. It isn't a great shot...but I still just love this house. I wonder how old it is...it is surely old. But even if it isn't, I love the fact that is made of rock. Just LOVE it.
The one below was taken early in the fall...I do love the color and simplicity of this shot.
Look at this...just look where it is growing. First this closer view....
Then this one where I am not zoomed in.
Now, this is not a true macro or anything like that. It is just a cropped area
from the shot below. I like feathers.....
When I worked at the orchard I would sometimes collect hawk and turkey feathers and stick them on the tractor...I did not know that it is totally illegal to have them in your possession. I think it is a federal law...and though I may be mistaken, I think only Indians are allowed to own the real thing from a bird of prey. I just did a quick search; check out some laws here....I just learned that we are not supposed to have bird nests in our possession either. I'm not sure if that includes all nests or not.

All the time I worked at the orchard there was a pair of hawks that I seen quite often...probably would have seen them every day had I noticed. I watched them enough...I considered them 'ours' as if we owned them. But they stayed there, and they raised their young there...and I am sure they killed dozens and dozens and dozens of mice in the orchard. I loved them for that reason alone. Once or twice, one of them landed in an apple tree not too far from me..I got down off my picker to see how close I could get to it. That was two trees away--probably about 20 feet from it.

Sometimes when we mowed under the trees, the hawks would follow not too far away. I didn't know it till I worked there, but mice are hard on apple trees. The burrow in and around the roots, and and can do a lot of damage to the roots. You just would not believe the runways they will have under the trees.