Sunday, August 13, 2017


I thought I would do a little post over here...and use some of the photos I have not used.  I have an abundance of dragronfly shots.  Such as this one taken August 5...

Then there are other subjects...shots I really like but just haven't posted yet.

Are you feeling fall in the air where you live?  I see things such as the above, and I know it is on its way.

I sit on the porch almost every day at some point in time...most times late in the evening.  I noticed a tree down the other side of the street had one little spot of red just 3 or 4 days ago.  This afternoon when when I was sitting out there, I happened to notice this same tree and it has a lot of branches tipped in red!  Too numerous to count.

And then there is this...just look at it...this is a different tree, but the shot was taken this past Thursday!
Lorelei is back in school...she was so excited to start back and seems enthusiastic about it.  I hope she always enjoys going to far all her teachers have just loved having her. 

We have been talking of going to Willow Slough...Roger wants to go. It is a wildlife place...has fishing and hunting... I want to go, too, but it makes me a bit nervous to be over an hour from home.  It is almost a straight shot up the road, I cannot remember if it is four lanes all the way, but it is for most of the way.  He says he may sleep on the way there and back, and that is fine.  It is good that he wants to get out and do something.  I don't know what day it will be...his allergy shots are that rules tomorrow out.

Have any of you watched any of the episodes of American Epic on is about the birth of modern music, but different artists from all types of music come and do a recording on this old, old recording device.  Roger is even enjoying watching the same show a second time.  Not that I am not, he just usually doesn't want to watch things a second time.  I forget who all appears on it, Elton John, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and it has the blues....and more besides.  A bit of bluegrass...

And speaking of shows, if you ever get the chance watch Childsplay on PBS....or for that matter any place you get the chance.  I seen it was going to be on, and almost didn't record it, but I have a habit of recording anything music...never know when I will find something I like.  It is fiddles, fiddlers from all walks of life, and a fiddlemaker....and during some of the songs a kid does the Irish dancing....