Saturday, November 8, 2008

Merom Bluff revisited....

Remember I wrote about going to Merom Bluff during the summer HERE? That time we were cloud chasing...
Yesterday it was just some place to go to that was farther south, and I thought there might be more fall color left there. And there was some...not a whole lot more but it was still worth the trip.
You can tell by looking in the distance as well as under these tress that most leaves are down. I do have more color from here to show you tomorrow. But first I thought I would show you the reason it is called Merom Bluff.
You can see the Wabash River way down below....and the land across it is Illinois.
And this is the road that leads down to the river. I would not want to lose my brakes on the way down, nor have to come up it when it was icy.
No matter, I still think it really beautiful.
These photos are all supposed to enlarge, so I hope you click on them to get the full effect.
I thought I would show you some of the rock formations or cliffs or whatever you want to call them.
And when you get to the bottom, there is a place to launch your boat into the Wabash River. This is looking upstream. I wonder just how far it would be to Terre Haute if going up the river instead of driving?

The last rose...

Here you go, probably one of the last roses to be seen around here. This was taken today while on a little road trip...down at Merom Bluffs. I will show you a few more scenes over the next couple or three days. But for right now, I wanted to show you this rose....
followed by a yellow world.
It is the ginkgo tree....I love the shape and the color of the leaves. Not sure what caused the brown spots on some of the ones above.
My husband thinks this leaf looks like a crane taking off in flight...I must say I agree with him.
This last picture though gives the true feel of what it felt like to look up through the trees. They were younger trees, and actually in the edge of someone's yard but I didn't think they would mind. The first time I ever seen a gingko was on the campus of Lincoln Memorial University. From that time on, I have thought it a beautiful tree.