Saturday, October 29, 2016


I think on the very drive Roger and I took after he got home from the hospital, we saw this eagle.  On the way home we crossed over Brouillett's Creek.  I have watched for an eagle to be there for years and years and this is the first time to have success.  He was down on a little sandbar, but when I paused, he flew down the creek and flew to this perch.
Definitely not good pictures, but at least a memory for us.
Roger is done with with physical therapy but continues with speech and occupational.  He helped mow the yard a couple weeks ago.  That was kind of scary because that is what he did the day he had the stroke.  And the other day we changed the oil in our Rav 4.  It was a struggle for him to remember parts of it but we did get it done.

Please continue to keep him/us in your prayers.