Sunday, March 8, 2015


Just a few shots from the road...well, paused in the road.  The calf was a bit afraid.
The other cattle could have cared less...
they looked at us, but we were of no concern to them.
The little guy moved farther way.
I feel pretty much back to normal today...did not sleep Friday night.  About the time I would be nodding off, one of the cats would do something.  I finally just sat and read.  But yesterday I was wiped out all day.  Didn't do somethings cause I figured I would just mess things up.  I have learned not to sew anything or do any cutting when worn out like that.  I went to bed before midnight though!  Did not get up till 9½ hrs later.  Felt like a new person today.

We ran to Walmart for a few things, and on the way there we passed through part of the strip pit area and then by these cattle.  I bet no cows anywhere have had their pictures taken as often.  I sometimes wonder if their owners see me...they are just catty-corner  from them.  I usually feel that the big cows expect a treat so feel like they are treated well.
Now, for a little bit of fun...imagine catching this when ice fishing!  Edited to add:  I don't know why I said fun....I mean to say time for something amazing.