Saturday, November 9, 2013

Since it is autumn....

I am still in a musical state of since it is this time of year, I thought I might as well post this one.  I just came across it on YouTube...I may have posted it before so just ignor it...
I am slowly starting to sew a little bit again and enjoy it.  But don't say it too loud or I might go back into  my funky mood.

Guess what I found!!!!

Back when we were young and first married, we bought this album.  In vinyl...well, I have looked for digital versions off and on since we first got a computer.  I don't know if it was because I didn't put the 'The' in the search or what, but never could come across it.

I just wish this had been the video of my favorite song on the album.

Tonight I was messing around, first found a video of one of the songs we liked, or at least I liked.  I am not sure if Roger did, but think he did.  So headed on over to Amazon, and bought the two songs that I absolutely loved and thought I would never have again.  I just can't wait to play them for Roger in the morning and see what he thinks!

If you had to name your favorite song, could you do it?   Could you even name your 5 favorite songs....or your 5 favorite artists?  If I was forced to name a favorite song, it would be Good To Be Home by the Everybodyfields.  There is not a good version on YouTube now.  But truthfully, there are others that I love just as much, it just happens to be one that I listen to more often than any other.  Favorite artist would be impossible to name.

How could I choose between Neil Young, Eagles, Merle Haggard (his old songs), Poco, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Alison Kraus, Tim Grimm....Coldplay, Three Doors Down--just to name a few.

I leave you with this video...I don't think I have ever had the nerve to post it before.  I know it is different.   I heard this song while working at the orchard...I even remember the part of the orchard I was in when I heard it. I heard it on a local college radio station.  As I said, it is sort of odd, but just listen to the words...and that line 'Let the baby sleep'--well it grabbed me way back then...maybe before Sarah and Jeremy had even met.