Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lorelei and her licker

We spent the day at Sarah's....I was going to try to narrow these down to just a couple of Lorelei and Otto and a couple or three others. I just cannot cut the number back of him and her.
I really hope you will enlarge the photos...in the one above, Lorelei is just a tad bit blurry. If you enlarge it though, look at the dimple! I just couldn't not publish it.
Not sure if you will be able to see Otto or not...other than his tongue!
Sarah was standing just out of view...we don't let him lick her face. And usually Sarah doesn't let him lick her hands...but for these photos we just let them go other than not letting him lick her face. One lick would get her whole face!
When I got a few photos, we distracted her and washed her hands.