Sunday, April 3, 2016

From the Heron Viewing Station

This pair of geese were the first to greet us at the Heron County Park...north of Danville, Illinois.

Next we spotted this pair.  They were quite a distance away.

The photos are a bit bleary.

We had to use the binoculars and spotting scope to identify them.   I took these with my little Canon SX700 HS at full zoom.  Before I could put it away and get my other camera situated, they took off, and one came right over us and tried to nab something from the water  maybe a hundred yards from us.  I couldn't believe it, couldn't react quick enough to get a picture.  There were ducks and geese there, but I somehow felt it was after fish.  And Lorelei got to see it all.

All the time we were seeing a heron or two fly in or leave, plus other waterbirds in the distance.

Finally, a heron close enough to get a half decent shot.

And Lorelei found this goose fascinating...I had to show her daddy a pic of it when he came to get her....