Friday, September 11, 2009


This is one of the gourds from the garden...I tried to count but they are hard to see in the jungle that was once my little garden. I think I am safe in saying that there are at least a dozen of them, and I actually think a few more. Will I be able to get them dry...who knows?
Today as I was sitting with Lorelei, the news shows were showing film from 9/11....I bet everyone remembers exactly what they were doing the day of the attack. I know I was back in the far corner of the orchard picking Jonathan apples and the boss came out and told me what had happened.

The strange thing is I don't remember how I felt....I think it was somewhat unreal to me. Even after going in and watching some of the news. I just couldn't believe it had happened. For days afterward, we did not see a single contrail in the sky. That was so strange....and I wonder did anyone else notice it. I think I noticed it more because I was always outside...always watching for hawks, or if I was moving my picker from one place to another, I would count how many contrails I could see out of boredom.
Lorelei went to the doctor today...they were told she was just really congested. I was so afraid she had an ear infection just because she had been pulling at her ears, and also because she would whine and fuss till I give her a bottle. Then she would only take a couple of ounces and quit. It is a good thing she don't have one. I just hope she gets to feeling better soon. Her mom and dad both have the cold, and Roger and I both have it.
I have tried and tried to get links installed on both my blogs. I thought I had them installed till my sister-in-law told me she couldn't pull anything up. When I had a minute I got on the old computer and checked, and they did not come up. So, when I got time, I got on it using Internet Explorer and got the one I wanted installed on here.

But on Time Stand Still, the same widget would not install and I had to use a different one. I have no idea why they worked like that. I use Firefox on my laptop, and everything seemed fine the first time around.