Saturday, August 6, 2011

With a thankful heart....

Someone mentioned that I should show my sewing project(s)...well this is a quilt top that I finished a few months ago when my shoulder was still bothering me. It is 87 inches square. This was taken in harsh-middle of the day sunlit. Actually it was overcast and sunny by turn...either way this does not render the true color....I happened to be out in harsh light.

Anyway, I really had trouble when I sewed the long seams to put the quilt together because my shoulder/arm just ached. Then it got worse...but you know what? I sewed the lining for the backing today....with not a single pang. And I am planning to pin baste it in the next few days if nothing happens. Not so long ago, I could not have even thought about pin basting it...I could not even get down and reach back under the shelf to plug in the literally brought me to tears. I am still careful with that one, but I can do it. It is just it was such an unexpected thing, I will always remember it.

I am so thankful to be back on my least once a week I do something and think 'That didn't hurt!' When going to Sarah's it was getting into Roger's is an older Ford Ranger, but it is 4-wheel drive and I actually have to grab the handle above the window to get step up first on what is the step board....not so long ago it was a real struggle to find a way to hold on and pull myself up on the passenger's side.

And you women, you know how we grab the covers and flip it up in the air to spread it out better when we go to make the bed...I can do that with not a single twinge.

I had to miss a lot of therapy when I was sick, and thought I would start it again when I got over whatever I had, but I am finding that just living my life and doing the things I do normally seem to be doing the trick. When I quit therapy, I could not get in the truck without a struggle, I couldn't reach and hang clothes on a couple little clotheslines I have in the basement and I can now, and there are several other things that I can do that I couldn't do before I got sick.

And I am just so happy to be able to do them....I don't know how many times I have told Roger 'Look, this doesn't hurt!' So many simple things I cannot think of all of them. There is not much I can't do, but still have a little range to get back...but I think it will come with living. I can reach around behind my back with that side much farther than I could when I first got sick. I can put a belt on after I put my jeans on, and don't have to think and put it through the loops before I put the jeans on.

Well, this has been a self-centered post....I wanted to say a little about this but kept wanting to explain farther. The point of the post was supposed to be about being thankful for what we have....especially good health.