Monday, May 30, 2011

Beautiful barn/not so beautiful shot....

Every time we go to Sarah's house, we pass this barn. It has been there as long as I can remember and as far back as I can recall it has always been this color. There is another building this color I am sure, and maybe even another...but it is in a place that has the feel of 'Now you see it, now it's gone....' One of these days I am going to stop and take time to take a decent picture.

Also, it always has a sign up about a flea market being there on the would like to go for that also. Then I could see inside! Usually I don't link both my blogs to Tricia's Barn Charm meme, but I am this week because I want to show this...but don't consider it good enough for my Time Stand Still.
Older daughter came home this weekend...we have been at Sarah's visiting with her there. She will be here later in the week. It is so wonderful to see her...seems like the time flies. Lorelei was a tiny bit shy...for about two minutes.

When her auntie was here at Christmas, she started sharing her lip gloss/chapstick with Lorelei. Ever since then, if Lorelei spots your chapstick or lip gloss, she has to have some. Well, the other day, she seen her mom's lip gloss, and wanted some. I think Sarah had just put some on her a little while before so she told her no, she didn't need any.

Lorelei started crying, but Sarah did not pay any attention to her. Lorelei got her mom's attention and said, 'Mom, Look at ME!' Sarah asked her why....she said 'Cause I crying!'