Monday, August 3, 2015

Gone to seed....

I took this a couple weeks ago, and just have not posted it...thought that it fits how I feel tonight.  There is not much life left in these old bones!

We made a Walmart run in the morning hours...just for basic stuff.  Catfood, kitty litter, paper products, cleaning supplies.  It was not time consuming to put things away...not like when you go food shopping.

After a sandwich, I got into some de-cluttering and also rearranging some clutter!  I know, that is not supposed to be what I am doing.  But these were a couple or three totes of old pictures.  Family pictures.  I did not let myself look at them, or I would have not got anything else done. 

I did find a paper that was from when Roger bought his first brand new truck.  A Ford F150 in 4-wheel drive.  This was back in 1976...he bought it right before we got married.  Very few people had 4-wheel drive back then.

I did get rid of one box of stuff...all but a couple items went either in the garbage or in the shredder...which ended in the garbage.  Everytime I think I have gotten rid of all old paperwork that has names and/or social security numbers on them...I find more.  I either shred and/or burn anything like that.  Sometimes I take it out and burn it.  Even if it is from family that has passed away.

Tell me, what do you do with those papers?  Am I being too careful? I just feel like we have to be super careful these days.
Anyway, I did get rid of quite a bit...two old pieces of luggage...a couple pair of shoes that were basically like new.  They were still in their box. I think I wore them one time each for special occasions, so I just put them in the donate bag.  I cannot think what else passed through my hands.  I am too tired to think. 

Anyway, I had a place bookmarked of things that you could/should get rid of..but I think I deleted it.  I used to go to it to get ideas of things to now, I am asking you what is the things you discard when you start getting rid of things?