Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing the Eastern Kingbird

This is the Eastern Kingbird....seen out at the strip pit area. I don't see them here in town, but I always seen them out at the orchard, often on the power lines.
As you may recall, I planned to babysit Lorelei today. Well, she came, but her mom did not go to work. She stayed here with us, and we worked on getting her used to a bottle. She fought it every time....cried her heart out. So hard to see those big old tears in her eyes, hard for me knowing how hard it is on Sarah. It is probably harder on Sarah than anyone.

But oh, is she a joy to be around. She tries so hard to talk part of the time. She went to sleep in my lap, and I just sat and rocked with her. She woke herself up laughing! She started out with what would be a giggle for us, and then opened up and laughed out loud. Just smiling and laughing. I would love to know what she is thinking/dreaming about to do that at this age.