Thursday, May 2, 2019

A touch of beauty....

First I want to share a bit of good news....our prayers have been answered as far as Roger's kidney(s) are concerned.    Remember he had to have CT scans  (one with and one without contrast) because something was seen on his left kidney during a scan of his lung.  Well, these scans showed more than one 'thing' and showed them on both, but they are just CYSTS!  There was no blood flow to them...none at all.  And it is best to just leave them be as long as they don't interfere with  anything, and were they are they are not likely to.

My nephew, Glen, was laid to rest yesterday.  It has been a strange week...Roger cannot stop thinking about him.  And as I told him, I doubt there is/was ever a day that I didn't think of Glen...or very few.  Even though I didn't email him every day.  But he usually sent me funny things at least a couple times a week.

And I had just remembered this coming weekend is the Kentucky Derby, and we almost always watched it 'together'....he in Indianapolis in his home and me in mine.  LOL  We emailed back and forth during the 'pre race stuff.'   That has just been our way of communicating...we may email each other two or three or four times a day for two or three days and then not email for a month...other than his funny things, and my reply to them. 

But since Roger's stroke, he was the one I always used for the correct information....or if Sarah wondered about something that her dad used to could have helped her with...I would email Glen.  He had muscular dystrophy and has been house bound for a few years, but before that, he could do about anything that needed to be done, motors, just whatever, if he wanted to do it, he would figure out how.  If he told you something, you could bank on it being right.  And the funny thing is, I had had two or three things I needed to ask him, but I just couldn't seem to sit down and get the email written.

He was a big guy....but oh, so tenderhearted for anything with fur, I guess you could say.  He and his wife fed the squirrels, birds, and cats...oh, and an opossum.   He worried about any of them being cold...

He is the one that spent summers with us...he is mentioned several times in other posts labeled childhood...

But I will hush for now.  Hope I can get back to blogging now.  Just could not do it before yesterday was over with.