Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mama Cat and the Puss Puss were spayed today--they are still under the affects of anesthetic. Though probably more sore than under its affect by now. When we brought them home they could hardly stand. I sat and held Puss Puss for the longest time...Mama does not want to be held. I am so relieved to have it more worries about kitties having more kitties.

Will wait a bit on the boys...I forgot to ask how old boys have to be to be neutered. My daughter is in hopes of finding an apartment that she can have her boy in at she may have to get him de-clawed as well. I really do not like the thoughts of that, but realize she really would miss him. That is a ways down the road though. She is hoping the divorce will be final the last part of January.

I keep forgetting and calling my boy Cougar, or Coo....he just reminds me of him so much. Sometimes I think I was a complete fool to allow myself to have cats again, knowing how much pain there is later on down the road. Yet I would not go back to being without them for anything.