Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Older homes...

Lucky me...we stopped to get gas, and across the street was this house.  It was hard to capture it without a car passing in front, but I did manage a couple.  Click to expand the view...notice the touch of green/bluegreen? on the porch posts...right where they meet the railing.
And look at this!   The end eaves were just the same but I could not manage to capture a picture of either one.  This one is in Crawfordsville.

The one below is in Waveland...
We were paused at a stop sign when I snapped this pic.  I would love to see this one painted and given a facelift.  It sure is or could be a beauty.
It is bitter cold here...the wind has not stopped blowing today.  It blew our wooden glider across the back porch as if it if has a sail attached early this morn.