Monday, July 6, 2015

Sunflowers--the flowers that just keep on giving.

First I would grow them for their beauty alone, though the ones here happen to be a volunteers.  I always count on them coming up under the feeders.
Then there are the bees....
Even the flies like them.

And not too long till the birds start on them.  I saw a goldfinch checking them out this morn, but I guess they were not mature enough because I haven't seen it since.  When they start, the tufted titmice and the nuthatches will join the feast.  Plus who knows what all else.  Oh, the cardinals will be dining for sure.
Roger went to the doctor diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis.  He was given a steroid shot, plus other meds and we can both tell a difference. 

And Lorelei is eating up a storm, so we know she feels a lot better.  The first day or two she was here, she did not eat much of anything.  But yesterday and today, she has made up for lost ground.  I am so glad she eats good...she sometimes says she isn't hungry, but by the time we get it on the table and she sits down, she usually eats plenty. 

We can usually get her to try about anything.  One thing she does not like at all is tomatoes!  I have gotten her to try them a couple times, but have finally accepted that she doesn't like them. 

Well, I hear her calling...she is playing in the guess she either wants to talk or is ready to get out...