Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How about seven and more songs....

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While I am posting favorite music, I thought it appropriate to post a favorite photograph. To be able to have a good version to post on here was what led to me getting the new scanner. This is from a slide I took when I was at the orchard, and their grandkids and our kids had all been playing and had these crates out. They had been scattered about but before the day was done, they had stacked them up. And that maple tree! Everything was just golden...even the air felt golden.
I was tagged by Carletta of Round the Bend to do this meme about 7 songs I am into right now.
Here are the rules:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

It is hard to describe how I am about music...Neal and I are both really into music and photography. We are continually sending each other links to music or people with photography that we like. Anyway, for the past few years I very seldom listen to the radio. I hear bits and pieces on tv and manage to look them up...either I will recognize the artist or there will be a phrase I look for. The main way I find new music is by my kids, my brother, my nephew, and a very close friend that sends me things to listen to or tells me where to go to find it.
I had a hard time narrowing it to just seven--there are eight on the playlist at the side simply because the place I get my playlist did not have two or three more. I chose the following:

1. It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down. I just tend to like certain songs by 3 Doors Down...this one I did have to listen to about two times and then I totally loved it. This is a group my girls introduced me to...

2. In The Sun featuring Michael Stipe with Coldplay. I think it speaks for itself. I heard it for the first time earlier this year on Austin City Limits on our PBS station.

3. Vivalavida by Coldplay...Coldplay is another group that I think I heard of because of the girls originally. If they come in and say 'Hey, mom, you should listen to this or that' you better believe I listen. But this song I heard in a commercial on TV a while back, and knew who it was....not sure why I like it. But it will be one I never tire of.

4. Friday I'm in Love by The Cure...if I have listened to this song once I have listened to it a thousand. It and their song Just Like Heaven makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Great music to work by. I guess these would be my power know the songs you get in your head to give yourself courage. I thought it belonged on this list cause every time I mow the yard it and the following song are on a tape I play while mowing.

5. Drive by Incubus....Another song I bet I have listened to at least a thousand times. When I worked at the orchard I would make tapes of random songs to listen to while I worked. This is one that popped up on most of my tapes...

6. Good to be Home by The Everybodyfields, and no that isn't a typo. It is probably my all time favorite song...for now and forever. It is one I found through my friend Deb, in Pennsylvania. We grew up together in Tennessee. I loved her before but she holds a special place in my heart for leading me to this group for this song alone.

7. Wait a Minute by Seldom Scene. Don't know why I like is bluegrass and the music is kind of haunting for me.

8. Old Habits Die Hard by Mick Jagger. I heard just a bit of this while in The Gap shopping last year I think, or the year before at Christmas. I had to think to realize who it was, but it has been one I have played over and over. The line in it that says Old habits die hard, old soldiers just fade away just breaks my heart....

This list is in no particular fact Good to Be Home would be at the top of the list were they in the order of favorites. And if Playlist had had 10,000 Lakes it would have been on it...that is why I posted the You Tube video I love my brother's photography in it.

It would be followed by North Knoxville by Todd Steed and the Sons of Phere--this is a link to a blog that has it within it. Click on the accoustic version. It is another I have listened to over and over this summer.

Another song that I just found today while messing around was Sunday Afternoon by Jay Clark. This link takes you to his My Space page and on the side he has this song in his list. And if I could have found it anywhere, I would definitely have listed his song, Goin Home. It is another that I have listened to over and over.

And there are several more that should be on this list....just so good. Oh, one I found on another blog...I don't think he has it playing any more but he told me the name of it....Sun Lounger...Chill Out mix. It is an instrumental that I totally love.

As for tagging people, I have no idea who to tag...So feel free to do this if you want. It is definitely hard to narrow it down to seven songs. It is definitely a challenge to narrow it down to a certain number. I did not even mention Stephen Ashbrook or Tim Grimm. I found both of them at CD Baby, I bought 2 albums by Stephen Ashbrook and 4 of Tim Grimm's.

One of seven...

This is one of the most beautiful songs(instrumental) I have ever heard...I cannot hear it without crying. My brother, Neal, used his photos from in and around our home in Tennessee to make this video. I loved it from the moment I heard it, long before the video--can sit and listen to it over and over. The name of the piece is 10,000 Lakes;  I don't know who it is by.


In about 7 or 7 1/2 months I will be entering a new phase of life...that of being a grandma! Our youngest daughter and her husband will be having our first grandchild if all goes well. Last week they called us cause they had a plumbing we ran down there for Roger to see what was up. They actually did have a problem, but I went up into their kitchen to set my purse on the counter and there were two baby bibs laying there; one said 'I Love Grandma" and the other one said "I Love Grandpa.' I looked at her and she nodded her head yes.

Her dad came in and went directly into the basement...Jeremy told him to come upstairs because he wanted him to see something. When he got up there, Jeremy handed him the Grandpa bib and told him he might need that. Needless to say there were tears of joy all around.