Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strip pit report

I have not been to the strip pits near as much as last year...BL (before Lorelei), but we are still either through there or by there enough to get an idea of the geese situation. These were taken a few days back, but I passed through there today and there are not even as many as there were then.
Look at the the two top pictures, then click here to see what this strip pit featured last year. I don't know what happened this year, but I have never seen so few geese out in that area. The area I am talking about includes these strip pits and just a few miles over in the Illinois farmland. In previous years, the sky would be just filled with the geese. Even though I seen it every year, I was always amazed. This year, I have wondered over and over what happened.

I see the Northern Harriers every time I am out there, and I did see some owls at the beginning of winter but have not seen them lately. Again, I have not been out there as much so probably not been there at the right time.
If nothing happens Sarah and Lorelei are coming tomorrow...I will probably have new Lorelei tales to tell, so bare with me.

I have did nothing more with my quilt. My hips didn't hurt today, but my knees feel stiff. And I have other aches and pains that I have never had before, but I know what I did to cause them. The only thing, I don't think I could have did anything different. Anyway, with Sarah coming tomorrow, I probably won't do any quilting.

Hopefully I will get started sometime this week. I did check and I have thread that I can use. I did get the lent cleaned out of my machine, which is not a big job. I keep it pretty clean all the time. I am looking forward to doing the quilting...somehow or other, I just want to do my quilts from start to finish. If I had a close friend that helped me or a daughter or if my mom were alive, that would be okay.

I don't really get all that many finished, and almost anything I have ever made has been given away once it is finished. You could almost say I am one of those people that are all talk....