Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On Being thankful...

This is going to seem to be a crazy 'thankful' post once you have read it all.  First, let me say that I am really thankful that spring is near.  We have enjoyed shirt sleeve weather here this week.

Linking to Thankful Thursday
I am really thankful to still have Roger here with me.  He started out having a good week, but yesterday evening he started feeling weird.  He did not say anything till he went to I took his blood pressure.  It was okay.

This morning he got up and still felt the same.  Every morn he wants to go to Hardee's or McDonald's for coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  It is seldom that we don't go somewhere of the morn...we maybe stay home once a week.  Anyway, I told him I planned to stay home...but in a little bit he asked me if we could go...that he just needed to be out and be around people.  So we went.  I know that he can feel a bit normal out like that.  Where everyone is just sitting, enjoying a little break.

He felt weird all day till late this evening and he felt better for a while, but is back now to feeling weird.

We have been doing a lot of other stuff, so don't know if that has run him did not seem to at the time, but maybe it all caught up with him.  It is just so hard to see him feel like this.   And very hard for me to blog and do anything normal...but I keep making myself.