Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stumbled on this...

I was looking for another song, and came across this one...never heard of the guy. But that is not saying much...I just never listen to the radio any more...anyway, thought I would post it here....maybe someone else will like it. Also, have you heard of him--Vince Dixon before?

I really like it...but he reminds me of someone else. Just can't say who.
I am have been thinking about home a lot and thinking about our girls...I always wonder what memories they carry with them about home. One thing for sure, both of them are so much better with kids than I was at their age. I suppose I enjoy Lorelei so much because I am feel like I am more at fact I was more at ease with Sarah than I was her sister. By then I learned not to stress about every little thing...I might not make the most perfect decision, but for sure wasn't going to be doing anything that would harm them.

Small kids have always gravitated to my girls. They have always loved both of different ways. I am not sure how to say this...they gravitated to my younger because she was more a kid, and I think they gravitated to my older daughter because they felt secure with her. When she was in college, she worked at a mini-mart every night...there was a couple that had a young girl...I think between two and three. If they stopped by to run in and get something, she had to go in and see my daughter...and my daughter had to hold her and talk to her. The only way just one of the parents could come in was to hurry in and tell my daughter to stay out of her view. And you might think this was some of my daughter's childhood friends but it wasn't. It was just someone that came in and out there.

And another time, a couple was in there with one even younger, and she had to go to my daughter, and the parents just kept saying she don't do this, she don't make friends like this...and when they left, she had to kiss my daughter good-bye...again totally surprising her parents.

And with Sarah, all the little kids in the neighborhood always wanted to come and see her, and her sister too.... And kids love her now...and I tell you I have learned more about being a mom from watching her and even watching her sister with Lo than anyone else, except maybe one of my sisters.

Then I tell myself, maybe I have not been too bad to have the girls as we have...
Today I have been on the go the most of the day. I had to go to Walmart, to Terre Haute, to the post office, back home...then to the bank and to pay a bill for someone else.

The reason I had to go to the bank was I counted my change...I was wondering how much I had....and though I did not count all the pennies, we all know that it takes a whole bunch of those to add up. I took $11 worth of pennies alone and left more than that here. Altogether I had $321 in change. And that is not as much as I have taken in at other one time I took over $700! Another time I cannot remember but I know it was in the hundreds...I really don't want to let it add up like that is so heavy to take in.

Then tonight the internet was flickering off and on till I couldn't do am late getting this ready to post...