Monday, September 20, 2021

Falling charms...

 This is the not so pretty quilt top that I pinbasted Friday.  The 'block' consists of the square of colorful fabric to which I added a 2 1/2 inch strip of fabric.  I just used every old thing that had.  A lot I did not particularly like. Some were given to me...some I do not recall from where they came.  Some were leftovers from other projects.

Can you tell there is somewhat of hump in the middle...from about halfway on up.  There is an actual hump.  Two seams landed on each other and the backing is made of flannel and is thick and it just would not lay flat and stay flat no matter how much I ironed it!  I think quilting will help it, plus when it is washed the rest of it will fluff up and maybe it will lay flatter and be less noticeable.  Whatever happens it is no big deal because it is going to be a quilt to cuddle under  while watching TV.
I got the above ready to post on Friday but wanted to add more.  Just did not get it done.  I came in here for something else and thought I might as well finish it.

It has rained some today...not a lot, but enough for things to be damp.  And it is clouding back up like it might mean business this time.

I am headed to the sewing room.  My older daughter was here this weekend and she played with my little Economy Blocks that are  made from solid fabrics.  I had wanted her to come help but hated to ask cause I know she works and has stuff to do on weekends.  And when we were over there last I did not think of taking them, and I don't think I had all of them made.

Just a photo I hope will be pleasing to your eye...