Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My quilty friend is planning on coming up tomorrow--YEAH! It has been so long since we have had a visit and we only live about 15 minutes apart. She has had medical problems in her family, too. Plus she has a MIL that she cooks for every day, plus she has 4 grown kids and 3 grandchildren so her life gets rather full part of the time.

Hopefully, I will get motivated to get back into something quilty. My nine-patch is half done. And this past weekend we got my desk ready. Maybe I should say my husband got it ready. We just have to wait to find help to get it down in the basement. It is sooo heavy. I really hate for Roger to lift on it, but I am so anxious to have it down there. I think once I get this nine-patch done that I will try to make myself piece on my Pfaff till I can have it ready to quilt any time.

My basement is so full of stuff--this will make 3 full sized office desks with sewing machines sitting in them. I feel like I have come a long way from having a Kenmore sewing machine that I felt guilty over even giving it away...it was horrible. My husband got it for me probably for my first birthday after we were married. I thought for the longest time it was just me that couldn't sew with it. I worked full time then and only sewed a little every now and then.

But after we moved to Tennessee for a while and I didn't work outside the home, it would sew good for a while, then all heck would break loose and it would not sew. I would do everything imaginable and finally it would start sewing, but I could never figure what I done to remedy the situation. I would do the usual of cleaning bobbin/bobbin area, rethread, change needle, etc.

Finally my oldest daughter was in elementary school and I tried to hem a simple cotton blouse one night and ended up doing it by hand. That was the final straw. I started shopping for a machine and settled on my Pfaff Tiptronic 1171. I have really loved that machine! That was around 1992 and I have only had one little problem with it this past winter, and it wasn't affecting the sewing. It just made a chirping noise...so took it in to be serviced and he could not find what was causing the noise but kept oiling it till it stopped.