Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another beautiful quilt...

In my opinion, this was another work of art...lots of work here.
I cannot imagine the hours that went into this quilt.
I would love to know just how many yards of thread was used in the quilting.  That would be amazing.  As you can probably quess this was my other favorite.
I wondered if Lorelei would like this one with pink and purple being some of the main colors.

Or this one...sorry, I could only get about 3-4 ft away from it to take a photo...anyway, another I thought she might enjoy the colors.  Plus she loves butterflies, moths, and flowers.
 I really did not take many photos..I thought the above beautiful...
 and the color choices for this unique.  It's name had something to do with Halloween and I thought that fit perfectly.
 I don't remember the name of these two....but liked both of them.
this bottom one had a lot of embroider work on it also.