Friday, December 13, 2019


Last weekend, the kids took Lorelei to Indy to see some of the Christmas lights...this is her and one of her friends.  I know it does not show her very well, but you can tell she is all about being crazy.  Any time I try to take a picture of her, she makes crazy faces.  She is a happy child, and I pray she stays that way.

I get to pick her up from school in a bit...we have no real plans.  I need to see if I have all the ingredients for cookies cause we might make some.  I would love to have some peanut butter cookies.  I love chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal cookies, but peanutbutter cookies might be my favorite.

Oh, and the Chocolate no bake cookies.  When Lorelei's mom was young, she had a friend that lived over on the next street.  A lot of times when they got together, they made the No Bake cookies...they might have to go from one house to the other to find all the ingredients, but they would find them.  I cannot have the the No bake cookies without I think of them...


The other night when I posted pics of the orange, it had made me think about when I worked at the orchard.  There were two or three old ladies here in town that would call my boss and tell her they would really like to have some apples but had no way coming to get them.  She would ask me if I minded dropping some off to them as I came home.  As small as this town is, if they had lived on the complete opposite end of town, it would not have been much out of my way.  So, I always brought them.

It is funny, the difference in people.  The one lady that lives closest to me was well off enough to go to Florida in the winter.  She would barely step out of the door to get the apples and not have two words to say, would offer me a couple dollars for bringing them.  I did not really want anything, but you could tell she would have begrudged it if I had taken it.

Then there was Anna...she always wanted me to come in, always offered me a drink, and tried her best to pay me.  She hated that I wouldn't and finally after the third or four time, insisted that I take $5.  And she was not getting the apples for herself so much, as the nurses that came to take care of her husband who was housebound.  It was like walking into a room of sunshine to go visit her.  And she had a neighborhood cat that came to visit and he had six toes.

Then I had one lady that I only remember delivering to once or twice.  She was little bitty, and made me think of a chickadee or nuthatch, just flitting about.  Had such a bubbly personality.  And was old...I think at least in her 70's if not 80's.  For the life of me, I cannot remember what she had been in her life, but she is one person I would have loved to know better.  But what stuck with me is she told me she loved any fruit and ate ALL of it....the peelings and all.  Even oranges and bananas.  I will never forget that as long as I live.  But she said she shared the apples with the kids of the neighborhood.


Did you see the moon night before last?  Isn't it gorgeous?  The Full Cold Moon...
It is not long till I go get Lorelei...I need to see if Roger is going with me or staying here.  I need to remember to take my kindle to read if I want.  Well, I won't be taking it...the battery needs to be recharged...I am reading The Hunters of the Hills by Joseph A. old book.  I have read several of his books and enjoyed them all.