Thursday, October 25, 2007

I saw but I did not conquer...though all was going well in the in the free-motion quilting. Then there dropped something on my quilt and I first thought it was a thread and then realized I had not had dark thread anywhere about. It was the thread take-up spring from the top tension. It had broke. So I came up and called the place I got my Juki from and they were so busy I had to wait for them to call me back. It would take them a week to get the part, then have to ship it to me, so I called another place I have heard mentioned on the Juki forums at Yahoo and will see how this goes. I ordered two, just in case this ever happens again...but in all my years of sewing this is the first I have ever seen one break.

After it broke, I quilted a few more inches and it still seems to do okay, so will try more after I get supper fixed. I am in the mood to get this thing finished. My husband came down and saw what I had done and thought it was really nice. I think I am losing my fear of the quilting, I just need to learn to slow down and not try to go so fast.
I did go for a drive yesterday, but I did not take fishing equipment. I didn't go near the fishing holes I had in mind. I only drove
about 45-50 miles, but it took 2 1/2 hours, and I took almost 50
pictures. It was totally enjoyable...the only thing better would have been if it had not been cloudy in the morning and I could have went earlier in better lighting. As it was, I am still fairly pleased with the photos I took.

I came home, downloaded them, and played with some of them a little bit--switched some of them to black and white, which I love for some things. And the picture of the leaves in my header is from one of my photos, as was the one previous of the cornfield stubble. If you want to see more of the ones I took yesterday check out: for a better view. They are really nice viewed in the slideshow here. You can have them fill your whole page and it is almost like being there. I hope you enjoy them.

Now, I need to go quilt some! I am not getting anything done sitting on here!