Thursday, June 16, 2022

We have Air!

 The repairman came back yesterday evening late.  He checked the pressure and said he might could put a little bit more freon in.  He said you have to be careful because if you put too much in it, it harms the unit.  But first he decided to go down and look at things in the basement.  He pulled out the filter and looked.  It did not look bad, but decided to change it anyway.  (Our filters are those big thick ones--you only change them every three months)

He gave it a moment and went back outside to check the pressure and it had come up 10 degrees.  I could feel a difference in the air coming out.  So he said he would leave it and see how it did and if I needed call him back this morn. It ran and ran last night, and never stopped cooling.  Finally around midnight it kicked off.  And got up this morn to the normal temperature we keep it. 

I wanted to wait till this morning to do an update to be sure it was still working.

I will leave this video: