Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our wild child....

Edited to add: Sandra first suggested for me to try Firefox, which is normally what I do at the first sign of trouble. It is all I use on my normal laptop. I took the time to download and install it and the problems seem to be solved. I guess we will find out for sure if this update will post from it.
As you may guess by these pics, we went to Indy for a couple days to see everyone....our granddaughter was especially charming. Her headdress is her own doing....and she was real proud of it.
She loves to play pretend...sometimes she will play and play by herself...she will have the characters just chattering away to each other.
Other times she wants one of us to pretend with her. I have to admit, I do not have near the imagination that she does.
This is her little smile she gives every time we tell her to smile.

She ran to get her Barbie to show us some time after we got there...it is a Princess Barbie. She told me the crown was broken. Jeremy told her to tell me who broke it....she looked at me and told me, "Papaw broke it." As serious as she could be...and he said no I didn't and she argued and argued with him that he broke it and it was the first time he had seen it.

Then, another time she was climbing in my lap, and I did not even touch her...she looked at me and told me "You hurt me." There were several other incidents of her saying things like that....so, I think her imagination is working over time.

Oh, and she wants everything pink for Christmas...she wants a pink princess dress and pink shoes, and pink doll house, and I forget what all she wants, but it is a long list and everything has pink for the color. She was first talking to me on the phone the night before we went...Sarah told her to tell me everything she wanted...so she started with pink car, pink princess, etc...and each time she said pink she changed her voice to this high sort of screaky voice.

I am here to tell you, I have not laughed so much in so short of a time as the past couple of days. She is like her mom was in that the more you laugh at her, the more she will try to make you laugh.
Computer question now to any of you that might have a clue.

I have a little netbook that I keep downstairs with my sewing, and it also goes with me to Sarah's now. Does anyone have any idea why I cannot post to my blogs on it. And more than half the time I cannot post a comment to blogs from Blogger...I can post okay to wordpress or typepad blogs...just most of the time not to Blogger blogs. I think I can occasionally but it is so rare that I even wonder if I ever have...maybe I just thought it posted and click out of the window before realizing it didn't post.

And when I try to do a post on it, I can usually save it...I just cannot publish from it....this is just so weird. I thought the first time it happened that it was just instance of blogger being messed up, but now I think there is something about my computer to change, but I cannot think what. Especially with being able to access it, but just not actually post.