Friday, December 11, 2009

Still cold

A photo from January,1996 of the covered bridge at Bridgeton, Indiana.

It is still cold here, but supposed to get all the way up in the thirties tomorrow. We will think a heat wave has hit. I will be thankful for it!

We kept Lorelei today while her mom did some errands and a bit of Christmas shopping. She is such a happy little girl. And have I told you that she loves books? I didn't realize Sarah had stuck some of hers from home in the diaper bag, so I got out one we had for her for Christmas. She looked and looked through it. She will sit and sit looking through and talking about the pictures....what she is saying I do not know, but she is very intent when telling me all about them.

Her other thing is to reach for her papaw every time he passes. He carries her around and shows her everything and tells her about each item. And while it is okay for him to leave the room I am in with her, she does not like it if I leave the room and leave them behind.

She also enjoys going after the cats and Shelby...not all the time, though she does crawl up to Shelby fairly often and talks to her also. Shelby doesn't know what to think...she is sort of afraid of being hurt inless I am right there. Or maybe she is afraid of Lorelei being hurt...not sure which it is. If I am right there about as close as possible she is fine with it. But if I am standing up, she gets up, too.
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