Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn is flying her colors!

We crossed this bridge this morn. It is the Mackinac Bridge....I did not realize it until my best friend/sister-in-law mentioned it that it is 5 miles long. I knew it was long but had not really estimated it. It was opened November 1, 1957....the height of the main towers above water is 552 feet. The total length of wire in the main cable is 42,000 miles! Hard to imagine. But if you want to read these and more figures, go Here.

Most of the drive today was along a road which at times had Lake Michigan on one side and woods on the other. The closer we are to the lake, it seems the more cedar and pine trees there are with just a few hardwoods thrown in. All the dead trees are some kind of pine or softwoods. The day was overcast a big part of the day, with a slight haze to it a big part of the time.

My pictures aren't the greatest but maybe you can still get a feel for what it is like. We are now in Green Bay, and it is quite a bit warmer than it was in Michigan. One of the highways we came in to Green Bay on is being widened, and where we could see the soil, it looked like good, rich loam...the kind you would like to have for a garden. The kind that is pure joy to dig into.

And there were these...I have had no opportunity to get a really good picture of them...we saw so many going into Mackinaw City the day we arrived but we were on the interstate, so no stopping there. I got this today from the car, but I still like it. I think they are paper birch, but not positive. A lot we seen over in Michigan had yellow leaves.

I just had to throw this one in simply because I like it...I would love to know what it was/is used for with that chimney. I wondered if the chimney was for a forge or something.

That is about it for tonight. I don't know why, but I had a hard time connecting. But now that I am connected, things seem to work fine.